Rashmi Bansal

She wrote her first book in 2008, Stay Hungry, stay Foolish and the rest is history. She went on to write 7 more books on Entrepreneurship all of which have been best sellers and have sold over million copies. A very humble, organised and down to earth personality who travels accross India delivering speeches and inspiring young minds. An Author, An entrepreneur, And a Motivational Speaker who has also co founded JAM : Just Another Magazine, India’s most popular youth Magazine. She also has a blog by the title ‘Youthcurry’ which features her writings on youth, Careers and entrepreneurship. A Columnist on ‘REdiff.com, as well as a regular contributor to ‘Businessworld’ and ‘Business today’ Magazines. She didint want to stay Hungry, She didnt want to stay foolish. So, she connected the dots, and followed every rainbow,Leading her to God’s own Kitchen,And she took home with her
A dream to touch the sky!

Author & Entrepreneur
Feb 2019