Ritesh Andre

While railways is Mumbai’s lifeline, the Mumbai dabbawalas are way more efficient. Be it the torrential rains, rough weather come what may!
There are about 5000 dabbawala delivering food to 200000 customers every single day and that too before 1 pm. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that around 4500 of them are illiterate. Started in 1890’s Mumbai Dabbawala’s have been constantly providing food delivery services day in and day out. What is intriguing about Mumbai dabbawalas is the fact that they run like any multinational organisation without the same level of technology and infrastructure. They have their own CSR team and have their annual get togethers to celebrate their success. The dabbawala’s believe ‘customer is king’

Perfect example of ‘Flat organisation,fast decesions’

With the mantra of Strike is Suicide, Labour is life!

Member of Mumbai Dabbawala
Feb 2019