Sujata Raikar

She is a women of substance, with a selfless heart and a desire to give back to the society with her relentless efforts of helping thalessaemic kids.And is the founder of SAATH charitable trust.
A firm believer of Lord Ganesha, down to earth personality, she believes she is fortunate as it is god who has chosen her to help the ones in need. What accidently started with personally helping 1 child has over last 10 years grown into a family of over 90 kids.
Saath Charitable trust.
SAATH stands for Support and aid for Thalessaemia Healing is a trust for the care and comfort of children suffering from Thalessaemia Major.
It aims to share the burden of medical expense of every child.
Thalessaemia is genetic blood disorder, which leads to anaemia and hence need the blood to be transfused every 15 days.

Social Activist
Feb 2019